Aries Dates

Aries Traits

: March 21 to April 19

Aries control the month of March. Aries begins from the March 21, but for 7 days being overlapped by the previous sign Pisces and does not come in its full power until about March 28. From March 28 it remains in its full strength until April 19. It is then for 7 days it gradually losing its power due to becoming overlapped by the incoming sigh Taurus.

Those born on the “Cusp” take features from both the signs

People under this sign means from March 21 to April 19 and in the cusp to April 26 are endowed with the power of strong will and following personality traits:

  1. Strong will power, determination and obstinacy of purpose are basic traits of these people.
  2. They are born fighters in every sense
  3. They are good organizers either of large business or masses of people.
  4. Strongly independent in their work and do work in their own way.
  5. They don’t like interference and if interfered they step out and let the other person take their place.
  6. As for as material success is concerned there is no height where these person cannot reach provided they ‘keep their head’.
  7. Praise, flattery and other such thing distract these people from right path and and they become the victims of undoing.
  8. Abstinent and arrogant forces them to undo the work.
  9. People under Aries endowed with great mental , new schemes and original ideas of anything they are interested in.
  10. They are inclined to lack vigilance due to their impulsive nature and quick in thoughts
  11. They are extreme in all the things. They are out spoken and frank, and make enemies.
  12. They are ambitious and generally successful in life.
  13. The lower side of this sign they never stick to their purpose of file.
  14. The lower side as a master they are brutal and tyrannical and often meet a violent death.
  15. The higher side as a master they are good and strict in discipline and expect the same from the other side.
  16. They are inclined to divine and good in prediction.
  17. They desire to be looked up to and regarded as a head in all the places home, business and career.
  18. Generally the men born in this sign suffer from a lot in getting affection and never understand women and make great mistakes in their relationships.
  19. For both the sexes their source of happiness is to do hard work and over come obstacles.
  20. This part of the the house of Mars (positive) is also called the house of exaltation of the Sun, which supports to focus all the fire energy and fearlessness.
  21. Mars the ancient symbol of war influence the people born in the April. They are inborn fighters and fight in their own way to overcome the obstacle and experience many changes in their life and career.
  22. Generally they are positive, strong and optimistic in time of adversity and prepare ready for the entire emergency.
  23. If they want to get real success, they should limit their impulsiveness. Due to impulsive nature they generally fight in wrong side.
  24. They have nature to revolt against everything whether that is rule or discipline.
  25. Generally they do not have very happy domestic life unless they have very understandable partner.

Aries Finance

  • They have good earning ability, but extravagant and impulsive in matters.
  • They are good in the concern of management of money of others but impulsive in case of their money matters.
  • Owing to innate lavishness they often suffer from heavy losses and fluctuation of fortune
  • They are very determined in the acquisition of money. They gain more by judicious investment, industry and business than by actual luck.
  • These people inclined in litigation and quarrel that promote law suits but they are not fortunate in this concern,

Aries Health

  • The strong impact of Mars gives such persons a huge store of health and energy. Though their excess of energy is harmful and most of their maladies will be induced by over work.
  • Their inclination to start work at unsuitable time is the cause of frequent disappointment, which results stress, irritation and impatience inducing nervous exhaustion which is the cause of stomach troubles and gastric problems.
  • They are not too careful for their habits and should live silently never exceeding temperate limit.
  • They suffer from feverish and inflammatory troubles.
  • They should practice daily walk and exercise and avoid taking alcohol or exciting drus as their emotional nature need control not stimulation.
  • Common problems in these people are teeth trouble, headache, eyes, ears, rushes of blood to the head, and danger of apoplexy.
  • These people generally found cut in head, wounds or blows to the head either by accidents or violence.
  • They are inclined to suffer from kidney, stomach and liver problems, trouble with bladder etc.

Marriage, Union and Partnership

  • They will find their most magnetic relationship with the person born in their own sign Aries or dates March 21 to April 19, From July 21 to August 20 sign of Leo, November 21 to December 20 the sign of Sagittarius, and in the 7 days of cusp in the beginning and ending of these dates, and also born in the part of the year the exact opposite to their own sign means 21st of September to the 21st of November.
  • Person born during March 21 to April 19 (Mars positive) are generally much attracted to the person born under Mars Negative or during October 21 to November 21 + 28th  November.

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