Sagittarius Dates

Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius Dates

Sagittarious are those who born in between November 21 to December 20

The symbol of Sagittarius is represented by Archer or half man half horse, the man part shooting an arrow from a bow.

Sagittarius Traits are as below:

Sagittarius Traits

  1. The people born under the vibrations of the Sagittarius have the traits of an archer they point direct to the target in all they undertake.
  2. They are inclined to be decisive and out spoken in words, in result they often make their bitter enemies.
  3. They concentrate all their attention on whatever task they are doing at the moment, and see no other side until their task is over.
  4. Their is so quick in thought that they often interrupt the conversation and start to speak whatever coming in their mind at that moment.
  5. Harshly and truthfully they unmask any attempt to deceive others even when such action is against their own interest.
  6. They never stop in whatever their task may be until they finish the task in hand.
  7. They have great enterprise of business or anything they undertake, but they never feel themselves confined to any one strait line of work
  8. They change their views rapidly. Therefore, they change polices and profession rapidly.
  9. They inclined to go to extreme wherever they are.
  10. They make changes in their decision if they have trouble from past decision. Sometimes if they feel anything wrong in their present career they stop that in the middle or change career entirely or sometimes take rest and do nothing more from the rest of their life.
  11. They feel proud in acknowledging their errors.
  12. They love power.
  13. Under this sign people marry under impulse of the moment and regret later.
  14. They strictly follow law and order.
  15. They regular visit the place of more from the standpoint that their example is of benefit to others than because they are themselves religious.
  16. These people greatly enjoy popularity and fame and become the idol of public.
  17. Under this sign female are nobler than male. They do all for their family, husband and children and are willing to sacrifice themselves to that end.
  18. Despite unhappy marriage female love to their home a lot.
  19. Females have high sense of humor and duty
  20. People under this sign have great enterprise or anything they undertake, but they never satisfied with one type of work.
  21. They are sensitive, impressionable, confident, impulsive, daring and above all they are governed by untiring mental .
  22. They are champion of , peace and justice.
  23. Their sympathies are always with afflicted and oppressed. At the same time they usually distinguished themselves through some humanitarian or reform work for the good of others.
  24. They love argument and they are popular among their friends for their exceptional skill of debate.
  25. They fond of fresh air and they like past time in outdoor work.
  26. They are highly intuitional and show a predilection for occult and psychic matter.
  27. They like literature and music and they have talent in this direction too.
  28. They are religious, but their views are heterodox and subject to change at any time.
  29. They are optimistic, compassionate and sympathetic.

Sagittarius Health

  • Generally they have to suffer due to over mental and physical work. Sometimes they suffer from acute bronchitis, but everything on the whole favorable and they show speedy recovery.
  • Diseases generally arise due the problem of blood and liver. They can escape to such diseases by keeping their temperament low and cheerful mood. They should keep their blood pure, avoid drugs and follow hygienic habits.
  • They should keep their mind rest and relaxation as much as possible.

Sagittarius Finance

  • Person born under the vibration of this sign have more chances to make money with the acts related to brain.
  • They have innovative and original ideas therefore, they should follow their own intuition in everything they do.
  • They rarely do so well with their partners and associates, but they are always loved and cared by their associates and respected with all those who are under their authority.
  • They often gain through legacies and gifts and generally they never accumulate much wealth. If they do somehow due to some mysterious reasons, wealth is usually taken away from them in their advanced years of age.

Sagittarius Marriage, Union and Partnerships

  • Person born under the sign find most magnetic attraction with the people born in the same sign Sagittarius November 21 to December 20, July 21 to August the sign of Leo, April 21 to March 19 Aries and in the 7 days of cusp at the beginning or ending of the each of these time periods.
  • These people also attracted to the people born in the month of the year that is exact to opposite to their own sign of Sagittarius May 21 to June 27.

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