Positive Self talk and Telepathy

Self Talk

Self talk refers to a talk which we do with our self consciously or unconsciously. establishes a connection between the two persons those who are involved in the mental communication like a blue tooth. The more deeply you involve in the mental communication the stronger and clearer the connection will be. The base of this mental communication is the mysterious or mind.

Mystery of Mind

The mind is entirely different from brain. Mind is an eighth element of nature. These eight elements are earth, air, fire, water, sky, ether, mind, and egoism. Mind is a power of soul. Mind never tires and doesn’t need sleep or any rest while brain tires and needs a complete rest. It is the mind through which supreme God manifests in the form of dissimilar heterogeneous entities. Mind separates you from the God. If a person via devotion and self surrender before God removes the “I”, the person becomes face to face with the God. This is only “I” who has a birth and a death. As the “I” or individual mind is dissolved, cosmic mind manifests in place of individual mind. Once the transformation is occurred it is impossible to search “I” or individual mind for the devotee. This transformation of individual mind into cosmic mind is possible only via human life, this is why, human life is considered so precious and hard to achieve. The collection of huge good conducts give a human life and the collection of very auspicious karmas give a thirst to know about the cosmic life or God.

Cosmic Mind and Individual Mind

Cosmic energy or God is a cosmic mind. The individual mind is in the existence just because of the egoism or the concept of “I” only. There is a thin veil between cosmic mind and the individual mind. As the feeling of “I” is dissolved the cosmic mind takes the place of individual mind. Ultimately, in fact, there is only a single mind that is a cosmic mind. This is why, during the deep mediation great yogis make a connection to the individual minds and capable to transmit messages, healings, joy, emotions, etc to the individual minds. However, devotees directly communicate with the individual minds without the process of deep mediation. Great devotees directly perceive the God though their mind and they easily make a connection with the individual minds of his disciples via self talk.

The Great Mysteries of Mind

Self talk has a ripple effect on the surrounding and empowers your aura which influences your surrounding and whoever comes to your contact.

All we have the experience of this mental communication. Some live examples of self talk occurred frequently with all of us are as below:

  • Sometimes, you receive a phone call from a person who is in your self-talk before a few seconds ago.
  • The person whom you are busy in thoughts or talking mentally receives the same vibes from your side. The person receives positive vibes if you are thinking positively and receives negative vibes if you are thinking negatively.
  • The person can even receive directly the same message what you are thinking in your mind.
  • The accuracy of the mental communication depends on the strength of the connection.
  • The love relationship between two persons is a most commonly visible example of self talk. The more they involve in the love thoughts the more they strengthen the love and its reverse is also true.
  • Using the self-talk you can get the favors of another person too.
  • Thinking positive make you healthy and charming while thinking negative make you ill, stressed, tired and weak.

“Self-talks are the stones that build the body you live in.”

The magical power of Thoughts

 “Thoughts have the energies that build your Spiritual, Mental and Physical bodies.”

Thoughts or self talk has a powerful energy so always be careful. Avoid thinking negative which is harmful to both you and your target. It not only destroys your spiritual, mental and physical peace but others too.

Thoughts works as bricks or stones make a structure of body you live in.  Be always mindful of your Self-Talk. It’s a silent conversation with the . Sayings or prayers reach to supreme almighty before reaching to your tongue. You can take it in two ways.

  1. Law of Attraction: Law of attraction states that what you think about the most is what you get whether you think it positive or negative.
  1. Self Talk affects how your mind interprets what happens to you or what is going on around you.

Whatever way you take the saying, the main concern is that you need to be very careful of how you imagine and talk to yourself. The manner you talk to yourself will, in the end, make your life whether you realize it or not.


The reason behind the telepathic connection is the law of divine oneness.  It says that all beings originate from the same divine energy whether you call this a spiritual source or a natural source.

-Mamta Rajshree

Cosmic Egg, the Theory of Universe

Telepathy is an advanced form of self-talk. Telepathy is a conscious talk between two persons. It is a mind to mind communication; during the telepathy direct messages can be transferred over a long distance without speaking any word. Not only messages, but emotions can also be transferred over a long distance via telepathy. You can receive the feelings of joy, hate, grief, and pain of your close one telepathically over a great distance.  You can provide emotional healings to your loved one via telepathy. Secret message can be transferred in the case of emergency to the target person silently. Divine Guru secretly transfers messages into their disciple mind via the telepathic medium. This is a common practice of sending information in various tribes in the present time also.

Divine Guru and Disciple

The more advanced form of telepathy is a soul to soul connection between divine guru and his disciple. With this connection, divine guru guides the disciple on the spiritual path and transfer the divine knowledge into the disciple secretly and silently. This connection is established with the support of divine energies. The energy can be or God itself or it can be lower level energies as popular in so many tribes. Disciple remains in the complete care of his/her divine guru not only in one life but infinitely throughout the entire life cycles of birth and death until the time of liberation.

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