Career Choices

C Zodiac Signs

Cy Zodiac Sign Capricorn (December 21 to January 20)

  • Professions or jobs which deal with public such as municipal affairs, connection with politics, government life, or position with responsibility and trust will be more suitable for you.
  • You are more likely to acquire with your personal efforts than the impact of luck or fortune.
  • Beneficial investment for you would be leather, snow, land, house, factories dealing specially in coal, lead or iron product, machinery for transport work or agriculture, the developing of farming enterprises, and all things solid and concrete.
  • These people can be successful in law or as an advocate. They may be successful in writing work as author and speaking as public speaker.


C by Aquarius (January 21 to February 20)

  • You are independent thinker and investigator. Due to this you can’t stay in one type of work and always wish to do something new and originals.
  • The influence of Saturn and Uranus give a sudden chance of fortunes and finance. You will always be liable to experience a situation of remarkable and unexpected reversals and should be careful with this unexpected nature.
  • You may receive income from the trusts, insurance companies, railway companies, banks, electrical installations, aviation and the floating of inventions, etc.
  • Your income, unless you are extremely prudent, more or less will be uncertain.
  • At some period of your time, you are likely to come into a great deal of money from an unexpected source and out of the way fashion.


C by Zodiac Sign Pisces (February 21 to March 20)

  • They see great dreams of what they expect from themselves. But they efforts less and have a lack of continuity of efforts to achieve the dream. This is why this sign is uncertain for finance and people suffer from ups and downs in life unless they have educated themselves to follow out their dream to climax.
  • If a person born in this sign has mastered their natural inclination towards the lack of continuity of their purpose, there is no position in the world what they may not achieve.
  • They are careless to save money for bad times. They generally waste their money and feel difficulty in their advancing years.
  • In business they are good at dealing with transportation, trade with foreign countries, imports and exports, and seaborne commerce of any type.


C by Zodiac Sign Aries (March 21 to April 20)

  • A person under the vibrations of Aries remain excited, enthusiastic related to the task they plan to do.
  • They are full of leadership traits and can be good managers.
  • These people can’t do work under the leadership of other person or in the stress due to their boss. They always behave like leaders and can’t work under the leadership of another person.
  • They have good earning abilities, but extravagant and impulsive in money matters.
  • They are good in the concern of management of money of others but impulsive in the case of their money matters.
  • Owing to innate lavishness they often suffer from heavy losses and fluctuation of fortune
  • They are very determined in the acquisition of money. They gain more by judicious investment, industry and business than by actual luck.
  • These people inclined in litigation and quarrel that promote lawsuits but they are not fortunate in this concern,


C by Zodiac Sign Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

  • This sign promises gains through partnership, union, and marriage.
  • These people are influenced by Venus. However they are inclined towards the nature of tender love and affection, but some cruel experiences in helping others may be expected under this sign.
  • A strong wish of getting and money is one of the important qualities of a person born under this sign, but this wish cannot be fulfilled by the selfish reasons.
  • The woman under this sign marries well as far as money is related, but they generally do marry more than one.
  • A woman under Taurus often shows business talents, the power of organization and good talents of arts and creativity.
  • Both the gender should choose businesses like everything related to art, creativity, mines, hotels, management of land and properties etc. to get success and happiness.


C by Zodiac Sign  Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

  • Mercury is a planet of mind which direct the person. it all depends upon in which direction the intellect is stimulated. Interest may be inclined to intellectual aspects such as science, art, literature, music, or similar studies.
  • If mind runs in the direction of accumulating the material things such as money, interest to collect the money and selecting the work in which money can be made easily.
  • The difficult aspect of the sign is that person never satisfied with the money or the success he or she made.
  • If the mind runs in the more intellectual side, the person will be inclined to exhaust their energies and so bring on some form of a nervous breakdown that may impact the whole life of the person and the result is the uncertainty of finance.


C by Zodiac Sing Cancer (June 21 to July 20)

  • Vibrations of the moon and Neptune give unexpected results in their life. They should vigilant for fraudulent conduct of others, companies, and syndicates offering large return from the small expenditure.
  • They should be extremely careful in all financial dealings, exercising special caution in signing papers, contracts, agreements in which there is an element of doubt or uncertainty.
  • Financial gains accrue to them from very peculiar persons and peculiar ways. They find success in investment related with oil interests, oil refineries, coal, shipping, radium, platinum, electricity, antiques, curios, and imports of drugs and liquids. They may also gain in the position of responsibility and in public life.
  • Success by investment in big public utility companies or association is usually good, but the special concern should be given to concerns which cater for the needs or requirement of the masses at large.
  • These people are often successful as pioneers, explorers, opening ups, development of lands and mines of all kind.


C by Zodiac Sign Leo (July 21 to August 20)

  • These people are very fortunate in all matters connected with Finance.
  • These people gain money from all legal businesses.
  • People gain financial success through superiors and older persons.
  • They get benefit from speculations and through judicious investments.
  • Their financial plans and projects should be on a large scale and for the public rather than the individual in order to get grand success.
  • To get good returns their investment should be related to the following: brass work, gold mine, diamond, import, export, dealing with government or municipal bodies


C by Zodiac Sign Virgo (21 to September 20)

  • These people don’t have leadership traits therefore, they can’t run their business independently. But they are good follower and team worker and perform very well in team and partnership.
  • They have great will power  and sense of responsibility. They remain successful in all the work they do due to their hardwork, sincerity and honesty.
  • These people are very fortunate as for as finance is concern. It gives good business ability.
  • They are careful and very economical by nature.
  • They have favorable conditions for investing in land and houses 


C by Zodiac Sign Libra (September 21 to October 20)

  • Very different and peculiar characteristics are found under this sign. If they are successful in making money they hardly retain the money with them in their advanced period and suffer from poverty.
  • These people successfully make money, but never cared and save the money for their future.
  • These people may be successful in the business of gold, liquor, tobacco, perfumes, etc. They can get benefit from all the things which are considered degraded in the society.
  • These people and their tasks are accepted by the society.


C by Zodiac Sign Scorpio (October 21 to November 20)

  • These people experience the most unusual ups and down in their life.
  • They are over generous and lavish in all their expenditures.
  • They have little self defense against any appeal of help particularly if it comes from any of their opposite sex.
  • Money seems to burn in their pocket, they make it by their mental powers but they seldom can store it up to great extent.
  • These people remain successful in army, police, and legal affairs, social service, politics, etc.


C by Zodiac Sign Sagittarius (November 21 to December 20)

  • A person born under the vibration of this sign have more chances to make money with the acts related to the brain.
  • They have innovative and original ideas therefore, they should follow their own intuition in everything they do.
  • They rarely do so well with their partners and associates, but they are always loved and cared by their associates and respected with all those who are under their authority.
  • They often gain through legacies and gifts and never accumulate much wealth. If they do somehow due to some mysterious reasons, wealth is usually taken away from them in their advanced years.


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